Acquisition Search Assignment

A "true" Acquistion Search includes a great deal more than just having an intermediary surf the web to find a business for a Buyer client to purchase. You can do that-!

An Acquistion Search Assignment, by definition encompasses: "Under a specific engagement agreement, when a qualified intermediary utilizes information, resources and skill to undertake a systematic and persistent search to locate acquisition candidates exclusively for the consideration of a named and retained Buyer client."

Essentially, an acquisition search is a comprehensive effort by the intermediary to locate a business for purchase that is not currently available as for sale on the open market.

A search proposal is based on the following specific criteria from a Buyer client:
1) Business Category(s): SIC and/or NAICS code(s) with sub-category(s)
2) Company Size: a range of sales volume or number of employees
3) Geographic Area: State(s), County(s), Area Code(s) or Zip Code(s), i.e. "631XX"

The retainer for an acquistion search is determined entirely by the "scope" of the search and is credited towards PGLC's Success Fee due at the closing of a transaction. The search retainer and Success Fee are paid by the Buyer client.

An acquistion search can be an excellent tool for the individual Buyer with well defined objectives for business ownership and also for a business owner, who is looking to grow his company thru acquistion.

For more information or to discuss your specific search objectives, contact Province Group.

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An Outline of PGLC Search services.

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