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As part of a continuing effort to achieve and maintain the highest possible degree of competence and professionalism as a consulting intermediary; below is a partial list of the publications read by Mike Jansen and retained in the Province Group Library of reference materials.

Valuing Small Businesses and Professional Practices - 3rd Edition
Shannon P. Pratt, Robert F. Reilly, Robert P. Schweihs (887 pages)

Understanding Business Valuations - Guide to Valuing Businesses - 2nd Edition
Gary R. Trugman (896 pages)

The Market Approach to Valuing Businesses - 2nd Edition
Shannon P. Pratt (389 pages)

Pricing a Small Business for Sale
Toby Tatum (161 pages)

EXIT - 12 Steps to Sell Your Business
Julie Gordon White (135 pages)

Business Valuation - Discounts and Premiums
Shannon P. Pratt (394 pages)

Cost of Capital - Applications and Examples - 3rd Edition
Shannon P. Pratt, Roger J. Grabowski (778 pages)

Small Business Valuation Formulas & Rules of Thumb - 3rd Edition
Glenn Desmond (371 pages)

Mergers and Acquisitions from A to Z
Andrew J. Sherman (272 pages)

Buying and Selling Businesses
William W. Bumstead (335 pages)

Selling Your Business - Attract Buyers & Achieve Maximum Value
Russell Robb (365 pages)

How to Run Your Business So You Can Leave It in Style
John H. Brown (256 pages)

The E Myth Revisited
Michael E. Gerber (268 pages)

Evaluating, Entering, Enhancing & Exiting Privately Owned Businesses
William W. Bumstead (135 pages)

How to Get All the Money You Want for Your Business
Ted J. Leverette (217 pages)

The Dollarization Discipline
Jeffrey J. Fox, Richard C. Gregory (262 pages)

Business Reference Guide - 22th Edition
Tom West (764 pages)

BizComps - Central States Edition
Jack R. Sanders (165 pages)

Transaction Patterns - Maximize the BizComps Database
Toby Tatum (159 pages)

The Business of Business Valuation
Gary E. Jones, Dirk Van Dyke (304 pages)

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
Appraisal Standards Board - The Appraisal Foundation (230 pages)

Business Law - Uniform Commercial Code - 2nd Edition
Len Young Smith, G. Gale Robertson (1,464 pages)

Merriam Webster's Dictionary of Law (634 pages)

Complete Guide to Business Brokerage
Tom West (422 pages)

Wit & Wisdom of Business Brokerage
Edited by: Connie J. Womack (117 pages)

Negotiate This
Herb Cohen (382 pages)

Made to Stick - Why Some Ideas Survive & Others Die
Chip Heath & Dan Heath (291 pages)

What Clients Love
Harry Beckwith (282 pages)

Selling the Invisible
Harry Beckwith (252 pages)

High Trust Selling
Todd Duncan (252 pages)

Crucial Conversations
K. Patterson, J. Grenny, R. McMillan, A. Switzler (240 pages)

Power Talk
Sarah Meyers McGinty (211 pages)

Fierce Conversations
Susan Scott (287 pages)

The Paradox of Choice - Why Less Is More
Barry Schwartz (265 pages)

Golf & Life
Jack Nicklaus (203 pages)

Who Moved My Cheese ?
Spencer Johnson, M.D. (94 pages)

Our Iceberg Is Melting
John Kotter (146 pages)

Complete Guide to Executive Manners
Letitia Baldridge (590 pages)

How to Win Friends & Influence People
Dale Carnegie (276 pages)

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Partial List of PGLC's Reference Library

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