Business Valuations

For many business owners, the sale of their business represents not only the largest transaction they will make, but also compensation for their life's work. They will usually enlist the services of several profesional people; which may include an accountant, attorney, banker, consulting intermediary, a personal financial planner, and a real estate broker. A professional appraisal firm should also be engaged for the initial step in the process: valuing the business.

An independent business valuation report provides an appropriate amount of documentation for substantiating the estimate of value, which equates to the satisfaction of having the personal confidence that the buisness is priced right. The Seller can consumate a transaction knowing that he made a compentent decision, feasable for the existing economic climate.

The valuation step in the process of selling a business is without question the most crucial element for exiting a business with everlasting confidence.

Along with estimating the price point for exiting a business, valuation reports are also appropriate to address the objective of the following assignments:

Change in business entity structure from a C to an S-Corp
Strategic or Synergistic Mergers & Acquisitons
Hypothetical Appraisal to evaluate the result of achieving forecasted events
Partnership Buy/Sell Agreements
Damages from Condemnation and/or Loss of Business Opportunity
Insurance Coverage & Estate Tax Planning

Recent Appraisals provided by PGLC

Business Entity & Appraised Value

Electrical Contractor - - - - $ 713,000

Meat Processor - - - - - - - $ 264,000

Travel Agency - - - - - - - - $ 390,000

Trucking Company - - - - $ 1,390,000

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PGLC Business Valuation Services

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