Confidentiality Policy

As a consulting intermediary in the transfer of business ownership profession, Province Group is entrusted with privileged financial and other proprietary information about a Seller's business. At every initial meeting with a Seller, they receive a Disclosure of Confidential Information, which is a written statement of policy regarding confidentiality.

The primary purpose of this Confidentiality Policy is to ensure prospective Buyers that information entrusted to Province Group in their Confidential Buyer Profile, is also considered to be privileged, and held with a high regard for confidentiality.

A Buyer's inquiry on a business for sale is essentially a request for confidential information about the business. It is therefore only appropriate that the Buyer provide the intermediary with some very basic information about the person requesting confidential information on the business. From the intermediary's perspective, every inquiry is initially an unknown voice on the phone or e-Mail.

Buyer information is needed to fulfill the commitment the intermediary makes to the Seller. Along with confidentiality, Province Group agrees to only disclose specific information on a business to those Buyers, who show a background of experience that potentially qualifies them to successfully operate the business and have also indicated their financial capacity to consummate a transaction.

Industry surveys tell us that 54% of business purchases usually include some form of deferred payments to the Seller by the Buyer. The net result of a transaction can be both the Buyer investing financially in the business, and the Seller ultimately assuming the Buyer's successful operation of the business as a fundamental investment.

Please keep in mind that, first and foremost, the primary objective is to assist you in finding a business that addresses your purchase criteria. Province Group meets with business owners on a regular basis, who are looking to sell their business. It is a definite possibility, that Province Group may list a business for sale in the very near future that could fulfill your acquisition criteria. Having your profile information on file will provide you with the opportunity to receive an outline of the business for review before it is presented to the open market.

Professional Consulting Services, focused on minimizing the gray aspects in the transfer of business ownership; to facilitate a successful transaction.

Policy for Buyer Profile information.

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